NGOs in Germany

Last month I was able to travel around Germany to meet awesome German NGOs all around the country.

They are hardly working on magnificent projects in Sierra Leone.

It is so important for myself and also for the other Actives to connect and share our ideas and visions to help the beautiful people of Sierra Leone.


My journey started in Aschaffenburg near Frankfurt, where I met OneDay e.V. .
This NGO helps in Namibia, Kenia and Salone with humanitary projects.
In Salone they are concentrated on two Projects HOPE and KALIA .
They help young woman who are victims of sexual violence:
in new shelters they are able to give this young womans and also their babys a safe            and peaceful place.
Beside that OneDay is very connected with the organsitation commit and act
During my visit in Aschaffenburg, Hannah Bockarie one of the main faces of commit
and act was also in town. So we have been able to connect and plan my visit in the            end of the year in Salone -> Construction work incoming!!
The whole team of OneDay is a group of very powerful and awesome young people            and I am very happy that they are also spending their free time to help Africa and              especially Mama Salone.


My next stop has been the NGO forikolo e.V.  in Leipzig.
Forikolo has been building schools since 2003 in the northern area of Freetown.
I was able to meet one of their visonary and big supporter Otto.
We talked about the last projects, the structure of their NGO and also about new
projects. There are big plans to develope a better concept for the school buildings as   well as educataional concepts. We also planned a possible visit of myself to one of the   running construction sites.  Otto is a very inspirational and powerful human.

During y journey from one NGO to the other I got mor and mor in contact with the German Organisations. And there are many many more on the list to visit and connect
But the last I will introduce is very special:

Bonthe Youth Resource Center is a NGO based in Hamburg, my birthtown, and like the name says helping in BONTHE, my Dads and my family home!
One top of that fact BYRC built and is still devoloping an Apprenticeship-Center!
THIS is also one of my biggest dream: to build a room where young Sisters and Bothers can experience themself with hand crafted and technical work!
I was able to get a glimpse of their work during a presentation about the last visit of Lutz and Britta in April this year.  We are also in contact and I am also planning to visit Bonthe during my stay in Salone.


All in all I am full of HOPE LOVE and POWER after this awesome visits, talks and meetings!

Thank you all who invited and supported me during this little NGO journey.
Stay tuned…



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