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businesscard_typewriters_front_lay_2I am Jeremiah.
I was born in the middle of the 90s in Hamburg, Germany.
My mother is also a Hanseatic and my father is from Sierra Leone, West Africa.

I grew up in Schleswig Holstein and found my passion in water sports.
I am a life guard, surfer, sailer and Triathlet.

After my graduation (A Levels 1,7) I made/had/took an apprenticeship as a carpenter and learned how to build with wood and concrete. ->

During the years I loved to show my family and friends what I am doing (sports and traveling) and what I am building.

It all started with shared dropbox folders.

Since one year I am using Instagram as a personal life feed.
And I really love it.

It is an intuitiv and easy way to stay in touch and to show your beloved what you are actually doing and to „schwelgen“ in memories.

Beside my work and living in Germany I am on my way too explore my other root: Sierra Leone.
Since January I am working and developing a family based development cooperation.

My dream is to build a NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), which is building and renovating houses and places in Sierra Leone.  ->

In my company media Typewriters I work as the founder, manager, designer and salesman.

I love d´the direct contact to people and therefore I am traveling a lot and meet clients, friends an my family all over the world.

I am looking forward to work with YOU!

Hang loose,

yours Jeremiah (Jerry)

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