wonderful Berlin


I have awesome news!

On Saturday I travelled to Berlin to visit some friends and the Salonean embassy!

I met my uncle David, who is the head of chansery and we talked about my plans and life!

After our meeting I was also able to meet one secretary of the Embassy who is accepting the VISA. We had a friendly contact and when my German passport is ready I am just one trip away of my 1 year VISA for Sierra Leone!!!

But hold on this is not everything!

My cousin Nyanga, whi invited me to come to Salone in May, also invited me to Abidjan ´,Ivory Coast, where she is working at the moment.
And because I am in Berlin I also visited the Embassy of Ivory coast.
And also the VISA for Ivory coast is just a trip away!

So now I am searching for good flights, wish me luck!

And stay tuned,

this year is going to be awesome!!


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