TuckerRoots and Jeremiah are back! I am booking my flights to be in Salone from 1st of April to 1st of July. #skateforafrica #vivaconagua (click me) Stay tuned...

NGOs in Germany

Last month I was able to travel around Germany to meet awesome German NGOs all around the country. They are hardly working on magnificent projects in Sierra Leone. It is so important for myself and also for the other Actives to connect and share our ideas and visions to help the beautiful people of Sierra... Continue Reading →

Day of Independence

What a day! Because of the election and government work of Nyanga in Salone, I stayed in Germany during the Day of Independance 27th of April. And it was the best! Maybe the day of my year!! I met several awesome other NGOs who work hard and help Salone to become a strong independant country!... Continue Reading →

Election Update

  The Sierra Leone Peoples Party won. What does that mean? For the country? For my family? For TuckerRoots? I will explain to you. Basically a new president is a new president with a new parliament and new ministers. But Julius Bio is a family member of the Tuckers. And this is a game changer.... Continue Reading →

wonderful Berlin

I have awesome news! On Saturday I travelled to Berlin to visit some friends and the Salonean embassy! I met my uncle David, who is the head of chansery and we talked about my plans and life! After our meeting I was also able to meet one secretary of the Embassy who is accepting the... Continue Reading →

Elections Update

One week after the election I can give you way more precise information about the outcome .. AND of course it could not be different (thats German I am sorry) about my family relations into the SLPP (Sierra Leonan Peoples Party). First the main results: 43,5 % SLPP 42,7 % APC With this result the... Continue Reading →

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